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How Fashion Brands Approach The Metaverse - Ana Andjelic

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Neustreet X is a podcast where we talk to the most interesting people in the collectibles space across sneakers, sports, trading cards, NFTs, fashion, art, and more. Today we have Ana Andjelic - named by Forbes as one of the world’s most influential CMOs. Ana was previously the Chief Brand Officer of Banana Republic, worked as an executive at several fashion brands and agencies, and has a PhD in Sociology. She’s a board member of the Dematerialised - a digital fashion web3 startup, recently wrote the book The Business of Aspiration, and writes a regular newsletter called The Sociology of Business. Listen to Ana’s perspective on how NFTs and the Metaverse are being approached by major brands, advertisers, and marketers. In this episode, we talked about 💎 how we value things in society - Web 3 and the Aspirational Economy, ⭐️ the Collector Economy, 👗 how fashion brands should be approaching NFTs, digital items, and the Metaverse, 📊how brands should approach growth and loyalty in modern society, 👜 connections between fashion and sports, 👟 Nike and Adidas getting into the Metaverse, and much more.

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